• Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR!

  • Theresa has been trained in PWR! (www.pwr4life.org) since 2014. PWR!Therapists and PWR!Instructors Make FUNction Exercise™ by training an attentional focus on high effort for optimal large amplitude FUNctional movements.

    Created by Dr. Becky G. Farley, PWR!Moves™ are the building blocks for everyday movement and are performed with large amplitude, high effort, and attention to action in multiple postures. This PWR! model also integrates other essential research-based exercise components to optimize brain health and learning, and to better address all the motor, cognitive, and emotional symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

    PWR!Moves™ target PD symptoms that interfere with movement:

    • Rigidity
    • Bradykinesia
    • Incoordination
    • Automaticity

    PWR!Moves™ helps by:

    • Varying the conditions of practice to require rhythmical sustained effort
    • Use of repetitive effort
    • Sequenced movements
    • Teaching how to divide attention for common dual motor or cognitive tasks

    PWR!Moves™ can be a standalone exercise program or can be implemented into ANY exercise program for greater benefit.

    Synaptic Physical Therapy, Inc. can teach Exercise4BrainChange® techniques utilizing the foundational principles of PWR!Moves™ to target the motor and non motor symptoms of Parkinson disease that interfere with everyday movement.