• The Value of Synaptic Care

  • As a private pay clinic, we understand that you have many insurance-based alternatives. Thank you for considering us as your practitioner of choice!  Because we do not take insurance, we can provide significant value over the standard options of care available:

  • Synaptic Care

    • We take the time to get to know you
    • We dig deep to learn more about your concerns
    • We care deeply about you and your goals
    • We collaborate with you to design your customized plan of care
    • You have the final say on how many sessions you want rather than being limited by your insurance company
    • Receive care from a board certified neurologic clinical specialist in physical therapy
    • All sessions are 1:1 with your physical therapist
    • Full hour return visits
    • We save you time by travelling to you at your home or office
    • Extensive home exercise program customized to your needs
    • Transition to lifelong wellness programs with 1:1 customized care from your PT if desired
  • Standard PT Care

    • Less time to get to know you; therapists at most insurance-based clinics need to see at least 2 clients per hour
    • Plan of care is often influenced by insurance company requirements
    • Treatment may be constrained by insurance-based visit number limitations or maximum allowable charges
    • May not have a neurologic physical therapist on staff
    • No guarantee to receive continuous one-on-one attention from your therapist
    • No guarantee to see a PT every visit – care is often passed to PT Assistants or clinic aides
    • Average session lasts 30 minutes
    • Fight the bay area traffic to get to your appointment on time
    • Basic home program (usually stretching and strengthening activities only)
  • Synaptic Physical Therapy stands out among other physical therapy clinics because of Theresa's unique approach to neurofitness, health promotion, and rehabilitation.

  • Our Rates - The New Rates Below Start August 1, 2017

    Service* Cash/Check Price (Discount!) Regular Price
    Initial Visit (90 minutes) $375 (Save $14!) $389
    Follow-up (60 minutes) $250 (Save $9!) $259
    10 Session Follow-Up Package $2250 (Save $340!) $2329 (Save $261!)
  • *Additional fee for distance traveled may apply.

    NEW! Synaptic Physical Therapy is excited to also offer Telehealth (video chat) services to our clients!

  • Telehealth (Video Chat) Services

    TimeCash/Check Price (Discount!)Regular Price
    50 minutes$150 (Save $6!)$156
    25 minutes$75 (Save $3!)$78
  • Please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us if you have questions about why we are a private pay practice and how to seek reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.