• Parkinson’s Fitness Academy

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  • The Parkinson's Fitness Academy is a mentoring program designed for fitness professionals who want to work with people with Parkinson's. Our mentoring program is designed to help you create safe and targeted fitness plans for people with Parkinson's that get results.

    Theresa Najjar, PT, DPT, MS has over a decade of experience in providing fitness for people with Parkinson's including 1:1 sessions, group classes, in-person, and online.

    Theresa is in process of designing her 12-Week Signature Parkinson's Fitness Academy Program which will include 3 phases:


    In this phase, you will build a deeper understanding about Parkinson's disease. This phase includes self-reflection geared toward identifying any (mis)perceptions you may have about PD as well as a deep dive into Parkinson's disease (ex. neurophysiology, medical management, disease progression, the science of neuroplasticity & neuroprotection).

  • Phase 2: TRANSFORM

    In this phase, you will learn to transform the fitness plans you design so that you can create safe + targeted fitness plans that get results for people with Parkinson's by leveraging Theresa's B.R.A.I.N.S. framework.


    This phase is all about empowering your client - and yourself! In addition to learning my PD fitness screening tool, you will learn how to establish a trusting lifetime relationship with your client and how to optimize motivation for people with PD. You will also learn tools to bolster your own resilience and inner strength when working with people with chronic health conditions.


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