• Stroke

  • Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  Survivors of stroke experience a variety of long-term symptoms. Everyone recovers from a stroke differently because not all strokes are the same. The size and location of a stroke will lead to different symptoms in each patient.

    Act FAST if you suspect a stroke:

    F = Face. Ask the person to smile and look for asymmetries

    A = Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms - does one tend to drift downward?

    S = Speech. Check to see if the person's speech sounds strange or slurred in any way.

    T = Time. The faster you act to call 911 if a stroke is suspected, the faster the person can receive life saving treatment.

    Physical therapy is a key part to recovery after stroke. Therapists are trained to rehabilitate your body and re-teach your body and brain how to move again to the best of your abilities.

    Your treatment and the therapy goals will vary depending on the size, location, extent of injury, and length of time since your stroke. Synaptic Physical Therapy works with you to create a custom therapy and fitness plan to achieve your goals and fit your needs.

    Click here to learn more about stroke or visit our stroke resource page.