• Posture

  • Many people have concerns about posture. Poor posture can lead to back pain and pinched nerves. Some people have abnormal curvature of the spine, called scoliosis, while others experience a side lean or forward hunched position.

    There are many causes of abnormal posture including:

    • Abnormal spine curves
    • Low bone density (osteoporosis)
    • Narrowing of the spaces between the spine bones (stenosis)
    • Muscle imbalance
    • Core muscle weakness
    • Poor postural awareness

    Back and neck pain often coincide with poor posture.

    Synaptic physical therapy can:

    • Assess your posture
    • Make recommendations on how to optimize your trunk position during every day tasks or while at work (ergonomics)
    • Provide spinal conditioning to help strengthen and re-train your posture muscles
    • Teach you body mechanics to minimize your back and neck pain and reduce your risk of future injury
    • Work with you on specific exercises to build bone or decrease the amount of bone loss.