• Multiple Sclerosis

  • More than 2 million people worldwide are living with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS causes loss of myelin, a protective material that covers the nerves of our central nervous systems and helps signals travel smoothly through the brain and spinal cord. When myelin is affected, a person's nerves cannot communicate together as they did before.

    People with MS:

    • Experience unique symptoms because different areas of the brain and spinal cord can be affected
    • Are affected across their lifespan at different frequencies
    • Have different recoveries based on the type of MS they have
      • Some experience full or almost full return to function after a relapse
      • Others do not experience these recovery periods between symptoms

    A neurologist can help determine how progressive MS is based on your medical history.

    Exercise and physical therapy are beneficial for people with MS, regardless of your symptom locations or the type of MS you have.

    A physical therapist will:

    • Examine you thoroughly
    • Develop an individualized treatment and exercise program based on your needs
    • Check in you a few times per year once you have met your goals to update your home exercise program

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