• Falls

  • At least once a year, about 1/3 of people over age 65 and 1/2 of people over age 80 fall. For people with Parkinson's disease, up to 70% fall at least once per year and they have a 5 times greater risk of experiencing an injurious fall.

    The causes of falling are complex and can include:

    • Taking more than 4 medications
    • Balance problems
    • Vision problems
    • Muscle weakness
    • Difficulty with functional mobility and walking

    Research shows that exercise-based programs implemented in the home are effective at preventing falls.

    Synaptic Physical Therapy can:

    • Assess your fall risk using evidence-based balance testing
    • Perform a home safety assessment
    • Re-train your balance
    • Design an individualized exercise program to address your balance needs

    To learn more about falls, click here or visit our falls resource page.