• I recently had the opportunity to attend training for Delay the Disease (DTD) at the San Rafael Jewish Community Center. As you can see by the big smiles in the picture, we had a blast! Delay the Disease is a really fun fitness program with the goal of delaying the progression of Parkinson’s Symptoms. David Zid, one of the DTD founders, taught the course and several fitness professionals from the bay area attended.

    I learned that a typical Delay the Disease session starts out with a warm up of dynamic stretching and activities intended to get the heart pumping. Through wellness and fitness, the Delay the Disease fitness program targets walking, balance, fall prevention, dual task (doing multiple things at once), facial expression, voice, and handwriting.  DTD uses “forced use” principles for increased intensity of the workout. It also encourages linking exercise to daily habits, an important factor to keep people engaged in regular exercise. It’s much easier to remember to do an exercise if you “attach” it to a typical daily task like brushing your teeth!

    The DTD approach emphasizes challenging-but-fun fitness. The activity our participants with PD enjoyed the most was the group balloon toss. This activity targeted arm fitness – coordination, strength, and accuracy – as well as posture. But more importantly, it was a whole lot of fun! Everyone was smiling by the end of the activity…even those with masked facial expression due to Parkinson’s!

    I was impressed by David Zid’s passion for working with the Parkinson’s population. Not only did he teach the exercises that make up the DTD fitness program but he also taught the importance of engaging and motivating participants. Delay the Disease doesn’t just target fitness. It targets the whole person – body and mind. David emphasized that positive thinking and a “You Can Do It” attitude are key when working with people with Parkinson’s disease.

    I am excited to have this new exercise “tool” in my toolbelt. I can’t wait to use the things I learned in Delay the Disease to help you achieve your wellness and fitness goals! Contact me to get started.

    Until next time!