• Testimonials

  • Theresa Najjar is an excellent physical therapist, with special expertise in the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurologic conditions. She develops a strong connection with her clients, which helps to motivate them to make significant changes in their lifestyle and exercise programs. The results they experience, in terms of strength, confidence and increased mobility, serve as additional motivation to make long-term changes that improve their safety and overall quality of life. In my opinion, she is one of the very best therapists in Northern California and would be my first choice for patients with PD and related conditions.

    Dr. Melanie Brandabur
    Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist

  • Prior to my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, I was active and physical – ran 22,000 miles, danced, rode a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, became a certified scuba diver, worked outside the home and inside raising three splendid daughters, and more. Needless to say, I had my share of sports injuries and time with physical therapists. Theresa Najjar of Synaptic Physical Therapy was recommended by my neurologist when I was diagnosed. Theresa is the most knowledgeable, thorough, and inspirational physical therapist I have ever worked with. A specialist in Parkinson’s patients, but by no means limited to that, she has helped give my life back to me. She arrives with challenging, custom tailored plans each time and provides guidance for the home program. She is data and results driven while being a warm, sympathetic human being. My improvement since working with her has been stellar. I can tell the difference and so can my family, friends, and colleagues. My mobility and mood are almost normal. The daily exercise guided by Theresa– and medication, of course – have achieved results that classes alone cannot produce. I recommend her without reservation and feel lucky to have found her. Time with her is a worthwhile investment in anyone’s future well-being. Fight the good fight with Theresa!


  • When one is not an athletic person by nature, it can be intimidating to initiate a relationship with a physical therapist. After some minor falls a little over a year ago, my Parkinson's neurologist suggested that I find a physical therapist for an evaluation and some therapy. I was referred to Theresa Najjar by a nurse at my clinic and, while I was a reluctant beginner, I'm now so grateful to have found her. Even while my PD continues to hand me new balance challenges, there are so many other movements (even balance-related ones) that have improved. I feel that I have much more flexibility and energy than I did a year ago, and my family has noticed the same improvement. As an added bonus I am learning so much about how PD affects my body, movement, and perception, and am much more "in tune" with my body, as a result. As I have never been very self-disciplined when it comes to exercise, having a therapist scheduled to come to my house keeps me engaged. It also allows me the privacy to push my body to try new things without feeling self-conscious. There is always some new exercise or piece of equipment to conquer, but afterward I feel invigorated, positive, and ready to face my daily challenges head-on. This motivation is a big deal with a disease like Parkinson's, and is one of the reasons that I consider my relationship with Theresa to be as important as my relationship with my doctor.


  • Before I started with Synaptic Physical Therapy, I was thinking that I was losing who I was as a person - that I was never going to be able to continue to live my life the way I wanted to. Now, after meeting Theresa I have a different outlook. With her help I feel I can keep living my life, work at my job, and be a part of my family. Theresa isn’t just a physical therapist - that’s the least of what she does. She provides the scaffold for me to be able to work, play, and enjoy my life. Theresa keeps me honest about my exercises - and about my life! She’ll be in my life forever. She’s thoughtful, careful, incredibly generous, and an outstanding therapist – physically and mentally. I feel like Theresa’s given me my life back.


  • My husband has a hemorrhagic stroke almost a year ago. His right hand and leg were paralyzed after the stroke. Theresa N. has been helping my husband 6+ months now. My husband and I were impressed by her work at our very first visit in neuro-PT. She is so amazing, knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. She works very hard and being so patient with my husband. She significantly helps my husband in his recovery magnificently. Theresa is very friendly and always shows sincere interest in treatment sessions. We love to seeing her.


  • We love Theresa and highly recommend her! My dad has Parkinson's disease and I was looking specifically for a physical therapist that could help him regain strength and balance. Luckily we found Synaptic Physical Therapy! With Theresa's guidance my dad is much more fluid with his movements and he's finally been able to do things that he hasn't done in years! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has even helped my dad understand Parkinson's better. Theresa is patient, upbeat, motivating but tough- all while keeping my dad smiling and laughing! It is so great to see my dad happy and more confident in his abilities. We are so thankful for her help!


  • As a keen hiker who climbed both Half Dome and Mount Whitney, my diagnosis of PD came as quite a shock - I am sure this is the same for most people with PD. I had realized that I was getting slower and slower but thought I was walking OK. I was referred to Theresa by the doctor treating my PD and it was a real eye opener. Theresa helped me to understand how my gait had changed and what it felt like to be upright rather than hunched over. Now I am confidently hiking again - not as quickly, or for as long distances as before because of PD - but I now can do 3-5 miles regularly and it feels great.


  • Thank you for teaching me exercises and techniques that help maintain my balance and mobility. I now walk bigger and again am finding more enjoyment in life!